Winter & Spring Classes

bouffon weekend
Speak the unspeakable, play with what is forbidden, and tear it up so bad you leave us all in tears (from laughter… maybe). In the pursuit of the bouffon you will develop your ability to play directly with the audience, find pleasure in the dangerous, use status, mockery and satire to expose what you care about and make us know what you really want to say, create physically connected, unexpected and expressive characters, improvise, be 100% present, deliver brutal honesty and practice parody. 

In this workshop we will take on the here and now, using the explorations began by Jacques LeCoq as a jumping off point to find a contemporary bouffon and seize the lunacy not of the middle ages but of this moment in time. HERE. NOW. Admission is open to students over 18 - No prerequisites or experience necessary! Instructor: Virginia Scott

Saturday, March 2 & Sunday, March 3 
10am - 5pm (w/an hour lunch break)
@ Jack - 505 Waverly Av, Brooklyn


clown for all weekend
It’s a complete disaster of fun and chaos... Everyone's invited! Exercises will be tailored to each individual's level and built to encourage both discovery and continuing growth: encouraging the new and provoking the veterans simultaneously. We will surely illuminate something elusive and rare: the comic world (with great peals of laughter)! Admission is open to all students. Instructor: Christopher Bayes

Sat, March 16 & Sun, March 17 
10am - 5pm (w/an hour lunch break)
@ Jack - 505 Waverly Av, Brooklyn