Teacher Training Summer Program

The Teacher Training Program offers acting teachers and/or actors/directors who are interested in teaching, the opportunity to return to the classroom to deepen their teaching skills through an investigation of the world of clown and physical comedy. Issues of teaching methodology will be examined both through firsthand experience as a student and through observation and discussion under the guidance of master teacher, Christopher Bayes, Head of Physical Acting at Yale School of Drama and author of the soon to be released book, Discovering the Clown or The Funny Book of Good Acting.


In the first week participants study clown as acting students with an orientation toward the craft of teaching. Participants will work on their feet every day: warming up, singing, playing, discovering triumph and, of course, facing disaster. It is vital that in order to teach clown to others, one must first have a deep, personal and visceral understanding of the form.


The second week will be a time for observation and discussion. Students will have the opportunity to observe Justine Williams and Christopher Bayes teach the first week of the FSGA summer clown program. Additional time with Christopher Bayes will be scheduled outside of class to provide a chance to discuss the pedagogical arc, provocation, the process of adjustments, and to refine the tools of observation and shepherding.  


We are thrilled to begin this one of a kind program focusing on the world of the clown for the development of new teachers as well as for those already at work.


Monday, May 27 thru Friday May 31

    10am-5pm (with an hour lunch break)

Monday, June 3 thru Friday, June 7

    10am-5pm (lunch discussion w/Chris Bayes)

Brooklyn, NYC $1,795


Payment plans available. Please inquire when you apply!


Applications are now being accepted

Enrollment is limited. We encourage you to apply early to hold a spot. Some educational institutions have funds available to support faculty in professional development which we encourage you to investigate. To apply, please send the following material to Virginia Scott at thefunnyschool@gmail.com: Teaching CV and/or acting/directing resume, statement of interest of about one paragraph in length.


4 Week Program Option: For those  interested in observing the full three week FSGA summer clown program -which includes witnessing  the entire process from introduction through the discovery of the clowns, naming of clowns, and the beginning of the clowns creating material and finding families- please indicate that on your application and we will discuss making arrangements.

Clown Summer Program

Jump into your body...open like a little flower...rediscover your playful spirit, and the simple pleasure and ferocious generosity of performance.


In this program we pursue the clown together in all of its messy and hilarious beauty. We start with foundational classes in Play and begin the pursuit of the clown using the pedagogy developed by Christopher Bayes, Head of Physical Acting at Yale School of Drama and detailed in the soon to be released book, Discovering the Clown or The Funny Book of Good Acting. Students learn to listen and respond with the whole body, develop a more playful and dynamic relationship to the audience, as well as their collaborators, and take bold and beautifully idiotic risks — all in the pursuit of fun and laughter! After the clowns are discovered they can begin to make a mess together in gleeful pandemonium and work in groups (families, duos and trios), create clown numbers and develop solo material.


This program focuses on the pursuit of the clown because the clown is the core of the actor. This investigation is also designed to enrich your relationship to all other forms of acting through the openness and reckless abandon that the clown requires.


Admission is open to all students. 

Clown Instructor: Christopher Bayes, Play Instructor: Justine Williams.


Monday thru Friday

10am-5pm (with an hour lunch break)

June 3 -June 21, 2019

@505 1/2 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NYC


Take both Clown and Commedia dell 'Arte programs together at a discount for $2,995!

There is one spot held in reserve for those who want to take BOTH Clown and Commedia Programs. Press this button if you would like in on the 4.5 week extravaganza!