Professor Pratfall: He Trains Actors in the Art of Silliness

Laura Collins-Hughes, NY Times

"Christopher Bayes is not your average Ivy League professor. Likewise, the casts he assembles when he directs aren’t the typical bunch of strangers plucked from auditions and thrown together in a rehearsal room."

Clown School

Nuar Alsadir, Granta Magazine

"After my first day of clown school I tried to drop out. The instructor was provoking us in a way that made me uncomfortable – to the nervous smiley woman, ‘Don’t lead with your teeth;’ to the young hipster, ‘Go back to the meth clinic,’ and to me, ‘I don’t want to hear your witty repartee about Oscar Wilde.’"

J. Michael Miller Talks to Chris Bayes

Philip Carson, The Actors Center/Online Journal

"There’s no director there. There’s nobody telling you what costume you’re going to wear. It was the most prehistoric actor/audience relationship that I’ve ever experienced. And something completely changed in my work from thereon out."

The Creepy-Clown Hysteria

Lizzie Widdicombe, The New Yorker

"It makes sense that 2016, the year that an orange-hued man ran for office, is when clowns stopped being funny."

A Stage for Spielberg's Son

Dana Schuster, New York Post

"To prepare for his NY stage debut, Steven Spielberg’s son had a close encounter with . . . clowns. For three weeks in June, Sawyer Avery spent five hours a day, five days a week jesting around at New York’s Funny School of Good Acting."

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