Jump into your like a little flower...rediscover your playful spirit and the simple pleasure and ferocious generosity of performance. We will pursue the clown together in all of its messy and hilarious beauty. Your relationship to all other forms of drama will be enriched by the openness and reckless abandon that the clown requires. After the clowns are discovered, they can begin to make a mess together in gleeful pandemonium. Students begin to work in groups (families, duos and trios), create clown numbers, and develop solo material.


Rediscover your impulse to play! How much fun can you find with the performer's most essential playmate, the audience! Through a series of exercises drawn from clown, le jeu, games and improvisation,  you will learn to listen and respond with your whole body, develop a more playful and dynamic relationship with people, things and the space around you, and take bold risks — all in the name of your fun! Find play and game and you will not only enliven your presence onstage but discover exciting, new possibilities for entering the world of the clown and approaching character and text. Play is the beginning and a very good place to start this work as well as an essential place to revisit once you have begun!


Discover the world of Smeraldina, Pantalone, and other archetypes of the Commedia dell'Arte. Celebrate the vulgar, the romantic and, of course, the profane. Find the lazzi. Learn to bring the mask to life. Live fully in your body. Investigate the actor/creator. Take ownership of your work. Make a good and funny show! Investigate how to make stuff up and how to tip into absurd and surprising comic logic to make something illuminating and hilarious. 


Speak the unspeakable, play with what is forbidden, and tear it up so bad you leave us all in tears (from laughter… maybe). In the pursuit of the bouffon you will develop your ability to play directly with the audience without the fourth wall and with your fear, find pleasure in the dangerous, use status, mockery and satire to expose what you care about and make us know what you really want to say, create physically connected, unexpected and expressive characters, improvise, be 100% present, deliver brutal honesty and practice parody. 


as play


It's a scene study class like no other! Explore how to tap into your relentless pursuit of fun and apply a boundless physical appetite for play to monologue and scene work! Acting as Play will challenge you to shed your shame, blow the lid off your imagination, and pursue your character objectives with such abandon that you will inevitably get into whatever kind of trouble the text demands. Learn how to unlock your fun, make friends with the discomfort and anxiety that can accompany auditioning and performance, and begin to reclaim all of the amazing things that make you, YOU.

Clowns meet Shakespeare. Shakespeare meet the Clowns. Have at it! In this workshop we'll unleash your ridiculous idiot and expose your brilliant vulnerability by working on Shakespeare’s clowns. The curriculum will consist of exercises to foster your imagination and sense of play, while diving deep into the unique conundrum of Shakespeare's text with a relentless appetite for fun. Shakespeare’s words + your own unique expressive nature! It' bound to be a complete, hilarious disaster.

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The Funny School of Good Acting
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