Int'l Commedia Day

w/FSGA & the

Commedia Company!


Check back later to see if a spot has opened up!

Don't know what the heck International Commedia Day is? Don’t really know what commedia is - but you’re feeling "curious"? Seen the Commedia Company do something astonishing and think,"I gotta do THAT!" 

Now's your chance to jump into a big ol' bucket-load of fun and trouble! For free! 

Get up under some masks and discover something about how to bring great physical expression and specificity to your performance AND to create hilarious and astounding characters AND to develop games and comic material deeply tethered to character and the comic world.

But maybe you’re all like, “Isn’t commedia all stupid and hokey and like from some kinda really third-rate Ren faire?” Yes, sometimes! But not how we’re gonna rock it. The archetypes of commedia are both ancient and still among us in life and on TV and the movies and theatre (if anybody still cares about that!). We will pursue commedia as it exists in the contemporary world. And then we’ll go around the corner and have a drink!

If you have “experience,” good. If you have no “experience,” good! International Commedia Day is about getting the word out all across the world on this one day about the big stupid, astonishing fun and poetry to be found by pursuing the world of the commedia!


Monday, February 25 @ 730-10pm Brooklyn, NY

come out after to toast commedia day!

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Touring Now!


Come to the party through the back door. Cross the line. There will be consequences! One actor brings to life the masks of the Commedia Dell'Arte toilluminate our absurd times with a lightning-speed slap in the face to power and little hip hip hooray for the ones on the bottom. Hey, don't make assumptions! I could be a top, you don't know!